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Dora Lewis


Thank you for your interest in Brooklyn 
Technics School of DJing.
Here at Brooklyn Tech your instructor Dj Dummy will guide you via live one in one video instructionals on developing your skills in becoming a dj as well as elevating those skill you already possess.
Dj Dummy would like to know your level of experience and particular skills you would like to develop. Please email us back for scheduling.
One hour lessons via Zoom.
Price is $20 per one hour class
Earliest lessons begin at 9am PST/Noon EST 
Lessons can be scheduled no later than 6pm PST/9EST
Under no circumstance should the lesson be recorded. 
Payment can be made via Zelle or PayPal in advance of the lesson. 
Arrangements can be made for multiple lesson.
Zoom link will be emailed upon payment, for your scheduled time.
Lessons have to be scheduled 24 hours in advance. 
Lessons include:
~Timing (Not using the screen):
Musical measurement
Counting bars
~Marking your records/Hot cue
   Basics to Back spinning & Double records.
~How to guide to cutting & scratching.
~The importance of when and where while scratching & cutting. 
~Basic blending techniques.
  (Beat matching)
~The importance of transitioning 
   When to speak
~Acapella mixing 
~Beat Juggling 
~Battle Style DJing