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Dora Lewis

Shine Your Light

Artist: The Vintage Babies
Label: Independent
Release Date: 14-7-2017
Available Now On:
1. Shine Your Light
About New Album

The first single from the Vintage Babies album is entitled “Shine Your Light” is a call to all those with ears to hear to shine their personal soul’s light in the face of any and all adversity. The lyrics paint the picture of the tough political and social climate of Urban Brown America while still managing to show you the beauty that resides inside of the struggle. This song, for all intents and purposes, is the kind of tune you’d blast out of the kitchen window at a back yard bar-b-que complete with breakdowns, turnarounds and loud family noise in the background. But the call to come together and ignite our personal power instead of being polarized by fear makes it an anthem for the human soul.

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